Care Instuctions

Gems and Jewellery Care

• Ensure to tighten the clamps after one year or two years if they are worn frequently.

• Store the gems in a fabric-lined jewellery box or box with compartments. If you prefer to use a regular box, wrap each piece individually in velvet, silk or paper because the diamond will line/damage other pieces of jewellery and diamonds.

• Visit the jeweller at least annually and ask him to check the parts for loose pins and wear/tear fasteners.

• When taking off the jewellery, wipe it with a soft moist cloth. This will improve the luster and ensure that the jewels are clean before they are stored. • Before wearing a piece of jewellery apply perfume or hairspray.

Gems & Jewellery Cleaning

• Always remove the diamond jewellery prior to washing hands and avoid contact with greasy substances. Use the following to clean the diamond jewellery;

• Ultrasonic cleaner or steamer

• Mild solvents or jewellery cleansers

Rubies & Sapphires

• Rubies and Sapphire can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a gentle brush.

• Rinse under clean water and wipe until it becomes dry.

• It is recommended that mechanical cleansing be best if avoided.


• Be more cautious with your emerald jewels.

• Emeralds can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a gentle brush.

• It is recommended that solvents and mechanical cleaning be best if avoided.


• Pearls require more attention than crystalline gems. • Clean pearl jewellery using a soft cloth.

• Pearls are susceptible to perfume, cosmetics and perspiration.

• Avoid contact with hairspray, alcohol, bleach and ammonia.

• Do not swim when wearing pearls.

• Applies to other organic gems.

Other Natural Gemstones

• The safest, easiest and most effective way to clean the natural gems is to use warm water, a small quantity of mild soap without detergent and a gentle brush.

• Carefully brush and rinse with water, then wipe with a gentle cloth.

• Some gems require gentle treatment such as Peridot and Turquoise should be cleaned with a soft brush and warm water or a soft and moist cloth.